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Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLD)

Numeracy support

Jayne Evans specialises in teaching pupils with maths difficulties, supporting learning needs from the acquisition of basic numeracy skills through to GCSE level. All teachers involved in delivering numeracy support at Positive Leap, where possible, teach maths in a practical way. There is an emphasis on developing ‘understanding’ rather than concentrating on how quickly calculations can be completed. When individuals understand a mathematical concept the need to memorise information is greatly reduced.

Pupils may experience maths difficulties as a result of dyscalculia or as a consequence of another Specific Learning Difficulty, such as dyslexia or dyspraxia, which interferes with their understanding of particular maths topics. Such individuals often have sequencing problems which can also make learning times tables incredibly difficult. Occasionally children find that they have gaps in their understanding which may be due to moving schools, periods of ill health, or simply not understanding what was taught at a particular time. Such numeracy difficulties are also accommodated at Positive Leap, with a short course of targeted lessons.

Students who need assistance with their Numeracy Skills Test for Teacher Training courses can also be supported at Positive Leap.

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