So what do the students think? Jayne makes learning fun and helps you with the things you get stuck on. Izzy, Age 11
Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLD)

Literacy support

Positive Leap caters for a range of ages and teaching is tailored to individual need. Time is taken to discover how each person learns and remembers key information, as this is crucial to teaching and learning. Strategies are used to increase understanding as well as develop memory techniques.

Tuition is available to improve reading, spelling, writing and fine motor control; organisational skills as well as study and revision techniques can be addressed.

Lessons are carefully structured and use a range of multisensory methods, incorporating the use of games and software programs. By working sequentially, with opportunities for over-learning, essential skills are acquired. Achievable tasks are interspersed with small challenges, enabling students to make progress and develop confidence.

The emphasis at Positive Leap is to make learning an enjoyable experience.

When people of any age are happy and relaxed they are more receptive to absorb new information, and to this end, a range of games and software programs are used to reinforce learning.

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